Request for Qualifications (RFQ)

What is a Request for Qualifications ( RFQ ) ?

Definition of Request for Qualifications ( RFQ ) in Construction

A formal request, on major projects, to present a list of qualifications to the owner, architect, contractor, or whoever is soliciting the bid.

The type of qualifications required to bid a project or present a proposal are normally listed within the RFQ and the applicant is required to answer and fulfill the requirements, before being able to submit a proposal for a major project.

An RFQ is intended to reduce the amount of bidders on a project to only those that qualify for the project. For example, if the project is a major sound studio, a history of projects that relate to a sound studio might be required. If the project is for a sensitive military establishment, then the proper credentials relating to security may be required. In many instances, the RFQ is the most difficult aspect of bidding the project.

The AIA , American Institute of Architects has developed a formal procedure and format for the RFQ process. By using this process, there is an established set of questions regarding the specifics of each individual project or proposal. If the standard format is used, many contractors have already filled this package of information out for other projects, and can simply customized their RFQ package and submission for the current project. The proper answering of an RFQ is, in many instances, the initial hurdle for consideration on a major project, and is very important to be accepted as a qualified bidder.