What is Renovation

Definition of Renovation in Construction

Renovation is a very popular term in construction, which means to improve or revise an existing building, structure, room, or other construction entity. To renovate something, is to alter the current appearance or structural integrity of the entity. Made very popular by all of the DIY ( Do it yourself ) networks and money making shows, the term renovation has been exploited to such a great extent, that there are now individuals with absolutely no training or real construction experience, who feel they are renovators of properties. The professional renovation of a property requires an understanding of construction, as well as how the property was originally built. The lack of any knowledge regarding this information causes individuals to make errors during their renovations that will cost money and could be potentially hazardous. To properly renovate a project requires skill, experience and a general sense of construction means and methods. To renovate is normally a more intense version of decorate, and should be approached in a sensible manner, by hiring the correct construction professionals to assist, or perform the renovation.