What is Remediation?

Definition of Remediation in Construction
Term used to describe the removal of contaminated wastes or hazardous material from a construction project, whether it be the site conditions, an existing building, or an adjacent environmental condition.

The remediation of asbestos, PCB’s, chlordane, lead, etc. are substances that must be remediated from an existing structure or site, prior to demolition or start of a new project. In many cases the remediation of the site itself is required, prior to the commencement of construction. This remediation may include soil removal, project capping, dilution to pollution, etc. There are many methods of remediation for site conditions as well as for interior and exterior building conditions. Due to the limited amount of land and properties available for new construction, the necessity to remediate the site is becoming more common. Urban soils ,which are contaminated from previous use, is common in new construction. The environmental concerns and conditions that must be accommodated are increasing in number, and the parameters for determining if a site or structure is adequate for future development or renovations are increasing.