What are Reglets?

Definition of Reglets in Construction
A groove or notch that is usually formed or cut into another material, to accept the edge of a piece of flashing.

A reglet is an important aspect of a properly installed flashing component. The introduction of a leg of the flashing into the adjacent wall secures the flashing from movement as well as eliminates the possibility of the flashing drawing away from the surface of the wall. In many renovations, the cutting in of proper reglets is an important aspect of properly waterproofing roofs, valleys, or any location that will require the installation of flashings.

There are purchased reglets that can be embedded within concrete or masonry to properly create a reglet for flashings to be inserted. In many of these cases, the use of a zip strip over the top of the opening is used. This zip strip is a removable covering over the reglet which protects the reglet from becoming clogged with concrete or mortar. After the setting of the masonry around the reglet strip, the zip strip can be pulled off to expose a clean and perfect reglet.