What is Recessed

Definition of Recessed in Construction

Recessed is a descriptive term that identifies any item that is buried or recessed in another construction assembly. For example a recessed light fixture is a light fixture that is recessed into the ceiling assembly. Recessed is used to identify specialized anchoring devices that could be installed within a concrete member, prior to the concrete being placed. In this manner, the item is recessed within the concrete. Sprinkler heads are in many cases, recessed within the ceiling system to allow the sprinkler system to be hidden from view from the floor surface. A paper towel or toilet paper dispenser may be recessed in the wall, to hide the majority of the equipment within the wall. Fire extinguisher and fire hose cabinets can be recessed into the walls to minimize the exposure of the cabinets to the occupants of the building. The opposite of recessed is surface installed, mounted, etc. that would describe the installation of the item directly on the top of the mounting surface.