Rebar Chairs

What are Rebar Chairs?

Definition of Rebar Chairs in Construction
Accessories used with the installation of a rebar mat or reinforcing bars, that elevates the mat above the surface of the formwork.

All reinforcing bar must be embedded within the concrete, at least one and one half inches, to eliminate any possibility of bleeding, rust or deterioration from the embedded rebar. The chairs are designed with a nylon end piece, that is the actual product that will sit on the formwork during the concrete pour. The use of rebar chairs is very important to the proper placement of the rebar mat and reinforcing bars. In many residential and less than professional projects, there is a tendency to simply place a portion of the concrete into the form and lay-in the reinforcing steel into the concrete.

This method should be discouraged due to the inaccuracies of the placement and the tendency for the steel to settle down too deep into the wet concrete. The use of rebar chairs must be encouraged to eliminate the inaccuracies of not using the accessory. The accuracy of regarding the placement of the reinforcing is extremely important to ensure the proper performance of a composite concrete and steel structural member.