What are Racks?

Definition of  Racks in Construction

The term rack, is commonly used to describe the assembly of compressors, valves and mechanical systems necessary for the functioning of a major refrigeration system.

Such refrigeration systems may be installed in food markets, restaurants, ice facilities, or large industrial complexes. The sequencing of several compressors, with specialized mechanical devices, is required for larger commercial refrigeration equipment. There might be several rack assemblies installed in a given mechanical room, dependent upon the refrigeration design and use. The startup of the rack or racks is an important aspect of the construction schedule.

It is normally important that the racks operate for a considerable period of time, prior to their formal use, to supply refrigerant to coolers, freezers, or coffins. The rack assembly is normally connected to the emergency generation system within a structure, to ensure that if there is a loss of power, the emergency systems will ensure that the racks remain operational. In most cases, the location of the rack or racks is coordinated with the major electrical panels and other mechanical equipment necessary for the structure to properly function. In addition, the ability to change out the compressors and maintain the equipment is vitally important to the proper functioning of the racks. Exterior doors or crane access is normally provided into the mechanical rooms, to allow the replacement of heavy condensers, compressors and other heavy mechanical equipment necessary for the racks function.