Quarry Tile

What is Quarry Tile

Definition of Quarry Tile in Construction

Quarry tile is a descriptive term, for a type of tile that is normally _ inch thick and traditionally 6 inch by 6 inch in dimension. The tile is manufactured from clay, similar to the process used to manufacture brick. The tile is shaped and placed in a kiln, and fired at a high temperature to harden the tile. The tile will normally be porous after manufacturing, and can be stained in the field to customize the color in accordance with architectural requirements. Quarry tile is a very popular application for mudrooms, kitchen floors and entry hallways. The tile is both durable and easily cleaned. In addition, if the tile is properly sealed and treated, the surface is slip resistant and very conducive to heavy traffic and wet conditions. Specialized shapes such as preformed base tiles with a cove edge are available to match the quarry tile used on the floor.