Quality Control

What is Quality Control

Definition of Quality Control in Construction

Quality control on a construction project is now determined by the number of inspectors and agencies involved, demanding that they inspect the project as it advances through the construction process. The amount of inspections and certifications that are now being demanded on projects is becoming increasing costly and intrusive to the entire construction process. Unfortunately the general handling and solution to any negative issue on current construction projects is to add inspectors and quality control individuals to ensure that the construction is properly handled. Quality control on construction projects must be properly evaluated and financially included within the cost of the project when bidding the work. There are now Special Inspectors that are required by the specifications that must be hired to conduct the inspections, which used to be provided by local building departments. Due to liability issues as well as insurance requirements, the quality control on construction projects has shifted from the general contractor to specialty inspection contractors that will ensure that the quality control on the project is maintained. New requirements such as the tolerances allowed for concrete floors, the pitches on drainable surfaces, the thicknesses of paint and coating applications are now carefully measured to ensure that the quality control of the project is maintained.