PVC (poly- vinyl chloride)

What is PVC (poly- vinyl chloride)

Definition of PVC (poly- vinyl chloride) in Construction

The designation PVC stands for poly-vinyl chloride. Poly-vinyl chloride, PVC, is the linking of single vinyl chloride molecules which is called monomer, into a matrix that is called poly-vinyl chloride, PVC. The use of this product to make construction elements is almost limitless. PVC construction elements are being used for piping, conduit, windows, doors, electrical and mechanical components, architectural products such as moldings, trim items, etc. The use of PVC is constantly expanding, and the research and development of the materials for construction usage is ongoing. Siding, roofing, etc. are all areas that have current PVC products, and will have additional products as researchers and manufacturers introduce new products. PVC has several positive characteristics, such as resistance to deterioration, resistance to sunlight and weather deterioration. PVC has the innate ability to be extruded into shapes and sizes without seams and interfaces. PVC is a product for the future and its use and development is an exciting part of the future of construction.