Procurement Schedule

What is a Procurement Schedule?

Definition of Procurement Schedule in Construction
A schedule that identifies the scheduling requirements of procurement ( purchasing ) of components on the project.

The procurement schedule must be coordinated with the actual construction schedule on the project. Procurement is a critical aspect of any construction schedule, and must be formally, and professionally addressed, to ensure that products are available as needed on the project. The formal management of the procurement schedule on a large construction project is extremely important to the success of the project.

Without the proper products to install, the construction schedule will fail. Procurement of items on the job must be managed with the knowledge of how long it will take to have the product approved by the architect or engineer, ordered, and then delivered to the project. There are several key items on construction projects that require a longer procurement time than others. This knowledge of procurement times comes from experience and past mistakes that have caused delays. Procurement is key to a successful project schedule and is many times lost in the shuffle of management and field supervision. If you don’t have it, you can’t install it!