What is Prefabricated

Definition of Prefabricated in Construction

The term prefabricated means that the assembly was fabricated prior to the installation. The fabrication could have occurred onsite or offsite. The degree of prefabrication allowed is based upon the product as well as the project documents. In some cases, the use of prefabricated assemblies is not permitted by the architect and engineer. There are several different products that can be supplied as a prefabricated assembly to construction projects. The exterior walls, interior partitions, floor assemblies, etc., could be prefabricated off site, and shipped to the site for erection. In some instances, mechanical and electrical equipment are prefabricated, prior to arriving at the project, to more efficiently complete the total assembly of the equipment. Many items on a construction project can be prefabricated, and it is the decision of the architects and the engineers responsible for the project, to determine the extent of allowed prefabrication.