What is Preconstruction?

Definition of Preconstruction in Construction
The processes that occur prior to the actual construction.

These activities may consist of design, pricing, value engineering, etc. Normally a service provided by a contractor, architect or engineer to customize the specific construction project for the owner. In most cases the preconstruction phase of a project includes the architect as the leader, with the individual engineers communicating with the contractors in an attempt to properly design the project in accordance with the owners needs.

Preconstruction eventually becomes a evaluation of the design relative to cost and the suggestions of alternative methods and procedures to reduce cost of the project. Value engineering is the overall final phase of most preconstruction programs due to the fact that in most cases, the initial design and scope of the project is both too expensive and time consuming. The cost of preconstruction is normally absorbed within the overall cost of the project, however, if the contractor involved with the preconstruction program is not , for any reason, awarded t he project, the costs are normally invoiced to the owner and reimbursed. The ability of a contractor to successfully offer preconstruction services is based upon their individual experiences and cost awareness on specific types of projects. For example a contractor that has performed several multi- family projects will have a much better awareness of the preconstruction needs of this type of structure. Experience is the key to successful preconstruction services.