What is Precast?

Definition of Precast in Construction
Normally, in the construction field, this term relates to concrete.

This is the method of manufacturing precast shapes, structures, beams, supports, columns, etc by placing concrete in formwork that is located off the construction site. The precast assemblies are then stripped of their forms, cleaned up and shipped to the project site. In the case of large manholes, catch basins, grease traps, etc., there may require numerous pieces, of an entire precast assembly, to create the total structure on the jobsite. If this is the case, the pieces are normally marked and numbered to allow ease in fabrication on the site. The use of precast concrete is extensive. Precast concrete parking garages are typical, the use of precast blocks for retaining walls is common place.

The Jersey barricades that are used on most major highway projects are, for the majority, precast barriers, poured off the site and shipped to the jobsite by over the road carriers. Precast highway structures are used extensively and the ability to erect precast shapes at the jobsite is more efficient and economical.