Pre tensioned concrete

What is Pre Tensioned Concrete?

Definition of Pre Tensioned Concrete in Construction
An procedure of strengthening concrete slabs and components that involves the installation of high tensile strength cables.

These cables are placed in the concrete slab prior to the actual placement of the concrete. The cables are then pulled to obtain a designed tension within the concrete component such as a precast T section, beam , column, etc. The result is a concrete structure that has a cabling system under tension that is basically pulling the slab or concrete component together. The tension pulled on the cables can be as high as 30,000 lbs and the ends of the cables are wedged to prevent them from losing the tension. Post tensioning allows thinner slabs to be placed, which in a high rise situation could allow the construction of another entire floor. Pre tensioning of a concrete component is normally done off site and the component is trucked onto the site from the plant. Pre-tensioned concrete decks or planks are extremely popular and can be both economical and efficient in installation.