What is a PPR?

Definition: What Does the Term PPR Mean?

Panel point reinforcement.

This term normally refers to additional support and reinforcement that is field installed to reinforce various locations on a structural joist.

The reinforcement may be required due to roof top, elevator, stair tower or other types of openings in floors or roofs. A structural joist consists of structural members that form specific loading points within the structural joist. These loading points within the joist are referenced as panel points. If there is a modification required on an existing structural joist, the reinforcing of the panel points is a common method of reinforcing the joist for additional point loading. Additional support is normally required, due to new roof top units ( RTU’s ) that are located on the roof, or other mechanical or electrical equipment that is added to a roof or floor slab. In addition, the cutting of a slab or roof, for an opening for a stairway, elevator or ductwork will require a shifting of loads along the supporting structural joists. If this occurs, additional panel point reinforcing ( PPR ) is often required.