POS (point of sale)

What is POS (point of sale)

Definition of POS (point of sale) in Construction

In retail construction and design, the POS is identified as the point of sale. Basically the cash registers. The term POS is used exclusively to identify the area that the retail customers money it taken, in exchange for the product being sold. The POS within a retail store is an important design location, due to the security and computer coordination and management of the cash registers. In addition, the POS location is important to the entire flow of the retail store and specialized retail architects will determine the POS location as required by the type of retail store they are designing. In some instances, the POS is located at the exit of the store and is located in even rows, such as in a grocery store. In other situations, there could be several POS scattered strategically around the store, to enhance the buying experience and create a sensation of individuality, such as in high end retail clothing stores.