What is Polyethylene

Definition of Polyethylene in Construction

The term polyethylene is the most commonly used plastic. It is used in construction for membranes, sheathing, and protection as well as vapor barriers on a construction project. The plastic is low strength, soft and has a low melting point. However, the material has a high level of ductility, flexibility and impact strength. These characteristics are perfect for membranes and vapor barriers that are not subjected to heavy loading or high temperatures. Polyethylene is used in geomembranes that will be placed in a horizontal position, or on slopes for stabilization, erosion protection, or vapor resistance for landfills. Research and development is establishing additional applications for polyethylene. The piping that is commonly used for storm and sanitary piping is called HDPE, which is a high density polyethylene. This is the creation of a more dense polyethylene that has stronger and more durable characteristics.