Plan View

What is Plan view ?

Definition of Plan view in Construction
Looking down at the project on a set of construction documents. A plan view is as though you were above the floor looking down.

The plan view will establish the layout of the walls, doors, windows, etc. The plan view normally identifies the type of materials used for the floor finishes, provides dimensions to the rooms and provides enough detail to the contractor, so they can actually layout the partitions on the project, along with all the general cabinetry and nuances of the design.

The plan view is the most common and widely used method of showing the projects intent. A lay person that does not have considerable construction experience is capable of understanding the plan view due to its basic outline of the structure, interior walls, doors, windows, etc.

The plan view is used by designers and architects to produce finish schedules, door schedules, window schedules and the majority of the architectural features of a project. Even the structural engineer will use a plan view of the project to show the footings, foundation walls and the slab on grade. A plan view is also used to show the structural steel, metal decking, floor and roof structures. The majority of the plans in a full construction set of documents is in plan view.