Pivot Hinge

What is a Pivot Hinge?

Definition of Pivot Hinge in Construction
A pivot hinge is a mechanism that rotates around a pin and is basically used for cabinetry and millwork. the pivot hinge allows a full turning of the attached assembly and can be installed to allow the full rotation of pieces around in a full and continuous circle. The pivot is normally a pin that is replaceable if necessary for maintenance purposes, or can be designed and developed to allow a lubricant to be introduced to decrease the friction on the pivot pin. There are different types of pivot hinges which can be used for larger doors or panels that need to pivot on a floor pin or even a head pin. If the pin is located in the floor, it is referenced as a floor pin, if the pin is located in the head of a door or in the upper frame of a door, it is referenced as a head pin. An element of design regarding a pivot hinge is the amount of friction that the weight of the pinned door, window or other assembly places on the pivot hinge. If the unit is very heavy, then the actual bearing down of this weight must be analyzed to ensure that the ability of the pin assembly is adequate to support the weight of the unit being hinged. Floor pivot hinges are commonly embedded within a masonry or concrete floor due to the tremendous torque that is encountered when a heavy object is being pivoted.