Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

What is Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)?

Definition of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) in Construction
Personal Protection Equipment, this is the required OSHA protection for employees on a jobsite.

Consisting of hardhat, safety glasses, hard toed shoes and other specific equipment required by OSHA for various types of construction. The issuance of the proper PPE is essential for contractors on construction sites. The adherence of all OSHA rules has become a primary concern for all insurance companies, and losses incurred on the construction site due to failure to have the proper PPE is considered extremely serious, and can cause a loss of insurance coverage. PPE is specific for the work application, ironworkers are required to wear fall protection, mine workers are required to have air quality monitors, air compressor operators are required to have ear protection, etc. The specific requirements of each trade is clearly established within the OSHA publications as well as the individual tradesman safety manuals.