What is a Permit

Definition of a Permit in Construction

The term permit is used in countless situations in the construction industry. In fact, as time advances, it appears that a permit is being required for more and more activities on a construction project. The most common permits include; building, occupancy, plumbing, electrical, low voltage, security, sprinkler, sidewalk, sidewalk bridge, blasting, underpinning, sub-slab ventilation, road opening, curb cut, utility opening, zoning, environmental and radon. These are only a few of the permits that are now being required on all construction projects. Each permit has a fee attached to the issuance of the permit and will need to be added to the overall cost of the entire construction project. In many larger cities, the use of a permit expeditor is required to adequately comply with all of the permits that are required to legally and properly construct a project.