Perimeter Protection

What is Perimeter Protection ?

Definition of Perimeter Protection in Construction
A term that incorporates the various methods of protecting the perimeter of a structure.

Due to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requirements, the perimeter of all floors and roofs must be protected from falls by workers as well as the loss of material or equipment over the side. There are several pre-assembled products available within the construction marketplace, for perimeter protection. In addition to the availability of purchased systems, many contractors have established their own specific processes to protect the perimeter of the structure from falls. OSHA has specific requirements that identify the height requirements, the spacing requirements, the toe board requirements as well as the lateral stability requirements of perimeter protection. Perimeter protection, especially in large multi story structures is an important element in the proper presentation of the cost of the project. Perimeter protection can be in the thousands of lineal feet, therefore, its cost and maintenance is an important element in managing and financially controlling the project.

There is a tendency for workers on high rise projects to remove the temporary perimeter protection to more easily access their work. The supervision of this removal must be carefully monitored to prevent the unintentional failure to replace the removed protection. The importance of this protection is not only for the workers within the structure, but also for the workers and pedestrians working or walking around the perimeter of the structure.