Per Plans and Specs

What is Per Plans and Specs?

Definition of Per Plans and specs in Construction
This common statement spoken on construction sites, is in reference to the need to follow all the requirements of the contract documents.

The term per plans and specifications means that the obligation of the subcontractor or contractor to the owner is based on the plans and specs of the project. There should be no compromise , and adherence with all requirements of the documents without deviation is required. Per plans and specs is a phrase that most contractors and subcontractors do not like, due to its totally inclusive language. Many times the architect and engineers place data and language that ensures total coverage of all possible construction scenarios within the contracts plans and specs. To be obligated to plans and specs is an extremely broad and dangerous agreement for contractors and subcontractors. Most of the time, the contractor and subcontractors would prefer to itemize their scope of work. In this manner, they are in control of what they have priced and agreed upon.