What is a Pedestal

Definition of a Pedestal in Construction

The term pedestal is used extensively in the construction industry, to describe several different situations or products. One of the most recent uses of the word, pedestal, is to describe the typical multi- family project that is constructed over the top of a concrete parking structure. The term pedestal building will be used to describe the concrete pedestal (parking garage) that supports the remainder of the project. In many cases, the upper portion of the project is constructed of wood or light metal framing. Pedestal is also used to describe the pedestals that support a panelized computer floor. The requirement for the distribution of wiring below the computer floors requires that the flooring be elevated. The use of pedestals is common to support the floor panels several inches off the actual floor of the project. Another use for the term pedestal is for the elevation of a green roof, off the actual roofing surface of a project. A green roof many times consists of planting trays that are supported by pedestals off the actual roof of the structure. The most common use of the term is the pedestal sink, which is a type of sink that is supported by a pedestal off the floor. Pedestal is an extremely popular descriptive word used in the construction industry, and will mean the element that holds something up in the air.