Passage Set

What is a Passage Set?

Definition of Passage Set in Construction
A hardware set that allows the functioning of a bolt into a door strike, without the ability to lock the mechanism. Normally used in areas that do not require security or privacy. Used as a means to hold the door shut without any ability to limit movement in or out of the space. Passage sets are normally used in offices or homes that have passageways that do not ever need to be locked or secured. In most cases, closets doors have passage sets, hallway doors or washer and dryer enclosures will have passage sets installed. The majority of other doors within a structure will have either locksets or privacy sets installed on the doors. A lockset is a hardware set that allows the bolt to be locked in place to allow privacy or security, and a privacy set is a hardware set that allows the locking of the bolt, only from the interior of the room. A privacy set is usually installed in a bedroom or bathroom to allow privacy, once the occupant has occupied the room.