What is Panelized?

Definition of Panelized in Construction
Constructing panels for a structure, off site, is a method used to improve the efficiency on a project.

There are several different methods of creating panels for construction on the site. Panels of masonry can be obtained to provide efficiency in the construction of a masonry facade, panels of wood, insulation and drywall can be used for the exterior wall systems as well as interior wall systems, aluminum panels can be created for the construction of commercial or industrial spaces. The use of pre-built panels, to more efficiently construct a project, is a growing field. New technology and processes have created different types of panels, new methods to attach the panels as well as new forms of lifting techniques to install the panels. Mechanical and electrical installations are now being introduced into building panel systems to provide a total product, once the panels are installed and connected. Specialized electrical, piping and HVAC connections are constantly being improved to enable a more efficient and economical process of panel installation.

In many cases, due to difficulties with access or closed spaces, the use of a panel system of construction is safer than conventional construction. The time a worker is needed in an unsafe area or position on a project, is critical to the workers safety. A creative use of panels to reduce the time a worker is in danger, is extremely beneficial. Panel construction, like modular construction, is performed in a controlled environment with proper temperatures, assembly tables and more controlled manufacturing techniques. The use of a panel type method of construction, like modular, is an advancing technique, and its popularity will grow as the need for more efficient and economic methods of construction become necessary.