What is an Out-Swing?

Definition of Out-Swing in Construction
Window or door unit that swings outward, towards the exterior of the structure. Normally the entry door into a building and all of the exit doors will be out-swing doors according to code. The majority of exterior doors and windows will be out-swing due to the code requirements for doors and the space requirements for windows. Out-swing is a descriptive term that normally means that the operation of the active panel is away from the operator from the interior of the structure. All emergency exit doors are out-swing doors due to the need to mount emergency hardware and panic hardware on the interior of the panel. The operation of emergency hardware is generally activated by the pushing of a panic bar or paddle, which disengages the latching mechanism. The term out-swing in construction can also mean the movement away from the operator of a piece of equipment of movable construction element. Moving away is normally identified as out-swing.