What is OSHA?

Definition of OSHA in Construction

Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Federal agency devoted to the promotion and inspection of jobsite safety and compliance.

OSHA has created a sense of ” Safety ” in the construction industry. The industry has a history of maverick behavior that has generated an attitude of ignorance when it came to safety. The creation of OSHA and the fines that the administration levies on contractors has caused a safety awareness that was not in the industry. OSHA inspectors are nationwide and can be called to inspect a construction site by any person having a complaint. OSHA used to tour jobsites on a regular basis to ensure health and safety compliance. Due to various budget cuts, this consistency has diminished and in most cases, OSHA will show up on the site if there is an accident or a complaint. If there is an accident, the performance and construction practices of all parties on the project will be scrutinized. OSHA has been a very positive force within the construction industry and has improved the jobsite health and safety for all construction workers.