Open Shop

What is Open Shop?

Definition of Open Shop in Construction

Non union labor. Open shop contractors and subcontractors have increased in number, and dependent upon your side of the fence, capabilities.

Created in direct opposition to the union shops, open shops were originally less expensive, and when first developed, less skilled than the union shop. The difference in both the pricing and the expertise of the open shop, has developed to be much closer to the union shop. Capitalistic incentives, like competition, has required that the union shops become more competitive and the open shops more professional . Currently the difference in the open and the union shops is minimal, and the abilities of both types of companies are accomplished enough to get the project done. In certain situations, the creation of both the open and union shops, under the same umbrella has been successful. The ability to compete on both levels, is in many instances, beneficial in regard to pricing, manpower and political correctness. With the popularity of the Davis Bacon act as well as PLA, project labor agreements, the wage discrepancies between the open and union shops has been narrowed which has caused a more level playing field for both types of companies.