What is Nut

Definition of Nut in Construction

The term nut refers to the mechanical fastener that thread onto a threaded rod or shaft. The nut is the removable portion of a nut and bolt and can be tightened or loosened as required. A type of fastener that is very popular within the construction industry and is used extensively to secure construction assemblies or elements to what are referred to as embeds on a construction project. An embed is an assembly that is embedded into the wet concrete, prior to curing, and will establish a permanent threaded connection assembly that will hold precast panels, structural columns, etc. A nut is then rotated onto the threaded rod assembly to properly and securely attach the item being installed. In many cases, a double nut assembly is used to ensure that the attachment remain tight and without compromise. There are several uses for nuts on a construction project. In residential construction the attachment of the perimeter sill plate to the foundation is accomplished with a nut assembly, attached to a threaded rod that is embedded into the top of the foundation wall.