NTS (not to scale)

What is NTS (not to scale)

Definition of NTS (not to scale) in Construction

The designation on almost all construction documents, of NTS means that the detail, floor plan or other descriptive drawing is drawn with no scale. Most details and floor plans on construction plans are drawn in accordance with a scale, such as one inch on the document equals one foot on the actual site. The scale can be as small as 1/100th of an inch to a foot, or as large as actual size, meaning one inch equals one inch. If a document is noted as NTS, it is normally offered to express a general idea or layout, and not to be used for construction. Many times exit documents, layout documents, scheduling documents, are not drawn with any scale, due to the fact that they are intended for information and not accurate construction information. It is important that contractors understand the NTS designation and not assume a scale for the drawing. Contractors that have a lot of experience reading documents, will in many cases, assume a scale, if there is a representative scale on the same type of drawing, always used by this particular architect. A NTS detail can cause issues of miscommunication on a project and care and accuracy must be maintained when reading the documents.