NIC (not in contract)

What is NIC (not in contract)

Definition of NIC (not in contract) in Construction

The designation on almost all construction documents of NIC means that the item is not in the contract. A construction contract will include documents that include drawings, specifications, schedules, addendums, attachments and other publications and descriptive explanations of what work the owner requires the contractor to perform. In many instances, the documents are used for other purposes, than specifically for the contractor to establish their scope of work. The owner may have other directly contracted suppliers or contractors, such as the window drape contractor, the kitchen contractor, a specialty athletic supplier, etc. By using the identifying nomenclature of NIC, the same documents can be modified to allow several different uses. It is imperative that a professional contractor accurately identify the items that are NIC on the documents to allow the contractor to be competitive with their bid for the project.