Native Backfill

What is Native Backfill

Definition of Native Backfill in Construction

The term native backfill is used on site documents and specifications to indicate a backfill comprised of material that is excavated from the project site. Native backfill is a very efficient and economical method of backfilling a project. Although the use of native backfill is preferred, the current attitude regarding new and contemporary construction projects, will rarely allow a specification that specifies the use of native backfill. In the past, the use of what was excavated was presumed to be the material that will be used for the backfill. This is no longer the case, and the need to import backfill material and export the native backfill off the site, has caused considerable financial issues on contemporary projects. The use of native backfill, other than on residential projects, is a rare phenomenon, and there are few site engineers that will allow the use of onsite, native backfill, for their specified backfill material.