Mud Slab

What is a Mud Slab?

Definition of Mud Slab in Construction

A mud slab refers to a minimum thickness, slab of concrete, that normally does not have any reinforcement.

This concrete slab is meant to cover the dirt of a basement, or basically clean up the surface of a floor, in an area that will not obtain much use. Another name for this slab is a rat slab based on its obvious reference, normally installed within an area that may have rats scampering around. This application is meant to be an economical solution to encapsulate a surface that would be dusty, muddy or present a surface that was less sanitary than required by codes and usage. In projects that have problem soils or sever water issues, the use of the mud slab to establish a working platform is sometimes specified to maintain the structural integrity of the base of the footings. The wash out from the concrete trucks on large projects maybe enough concrete to create a useable mud slab for exterior storage or a temporary parking area.