What is Mortar?

Definition of Mortar in Construction

Product that is used in masonry between the masonry units, brick, block, stone, etc.

Mortar is an important structural element in any masonry system. The mortar must be mixed properly to ensure structural integrity of the masonry systems, too much water in the mixture will weaken the mortar and make it difficult to properly apply within the joints of the masonry units. Mortar that is properly mixed, will achieve the maximum strength possible, as well as provide a product that is extremely durable and consistent. The appearance of the mortar in a masonry system is extremely important to the aesthetics of the project and must be coordinated between the structural engineer and the architect.
The application of additives to the normal concrete mortar material will allow a coloration to be achieved within the mortar system. Normally samples are made with colored mortar, to allow the architect to select the presentation that is approved by both the architect and the owner. The jointing process of a masonry mortared joint is important to the overall appearance of the masonry product. Consistency in the jointing, like the importance of consistency in the coloration of the mortar are important aspects of the final architectural appearance of the product.