What is MON

Definition of MON in Construction

MON is an abbreviation used on site-plans to identify the location of a monument. A monument is a formal concrete, iron pin, special precast assembly, etc. that has been placed in the ground, to permanently identify a location on the construction site. In many cases, the monument is intended to become a permanent and established point of layout and coordination of property lines, easements, etc. The MON designation is important to understand the proper layout of the project on the construction site and will be legally engineered to properly maintain the required setbacks and formal requirements of the land deed for the property. It is essential that all monuments around the project be carefully protected from the onslaught of the various construction processes that will be involved in the construction of the project. A professional and experienced contractor will protect all the monuments on the project from the onset of construction by placing concrete barriers or other heavy and items that are non-destructible around the monuments as protection. If a MON is disturbed, the surveyor of record is required to return to the project site to re-establish the proper positioning of the monument. There should be no guessing, if a MON is disturbed on the project, due to the importance of the accuracy of their placement, to ensure proper layout of the project.