Moment Connection

What is Moment Connection?

Definition of Moment Connection in Construction
Normally a welded connection that is rigid and unmoving to prevent rotation, is considered a moment connection.

A moment connection, is designed to withstand the moment force exerted by a moment arm and a load. The ability of a connection to remain static and not rotate is extremely important to the stability of any structure. A moment connection normally requires a special inspection to ensure it has properly been constructed, and the strength of the connection is as designed. There are special mechanical fasteners used to accomplish the same result as full welds. New connections are constantly being engineered with new technologies and materials. Together with the moment arm, the moment ( force ), the moment connection is one of the most important structural elements designed within a structure, and one of the most expensive connections. The moment connections within a structure provide the rigidity of the structure and prevent the rotation of structural elements compromising the structure.