Modulus of Elasticity

What is Modulus of Elasticity?

Definition of Modulus of Elasticity in Construction
This term refers to the ability of a construction material to bend without yielding.

The modulus of elasticity is extremely important in all aspects of structural design. It is important that a bridge deck, for example, flex or yield, in response to varying loads and stresses. Engineers use this characteristic of materials to engineer their structures. The ability of a steel beam to flex and bend and return to its, un-yielded, form, is intrinsic to the design of all steel structures, as well as the placement of steel reinforcement within concrete composite structures. The abilities of steel cables to yield under stress, is important to cable stayed structures, and the modulus of elasticity extremely important to the materials performance. This characteristic , together with yield points, moment and stress diagrams are only a few of the primary engineering identities of materials that are taken into account, when a structural engineer designs a component.