Modular Construction

What is Modular Construction?

Definition of Modular Construction in Construction
A type of construction where units are constructed offsite, trucked to the jobsite, and assembled on the jobsite to create a finished structure.

This could be a modular foundation, a modular home, modular offices, etc. There are several positive characteristics of modular construction. The ability to construct the pieces of the modular unit, within a controlled, waterproof site, with workers that are comfortable in their working environment ,produces a product that is consistent and properly constructed. The use of modular pieces allows a more economical construction element, due to the fact that the construction is normally much faster. Modular construction allows the waterproofing of a structure to occur much quicker than if the structure was constructed on site, in a normal construction fashion. Modular companies are extremely vulnerable to the economy, and the loss of several major modular suppliers in recent years has caused the industry to shrink. However, as new technologies advance and the need for more economical and efficient housing is required, the modular construction market should revive.