Mobile Scaffold

What is a Mobile Scaffold?

Definition of Mobile Scaffold in Construction
A type of scaffold that is capable of moving up and down during the project.

The intent of this type of scaffolding is that the platform is loaded with material, block, mortar, etc. when it is at the bottom of the masts attached to the exterior of the building. Once the scaffold is loaded with material, it is raised by electric motors to its working elevation on the facade. Using this method of scaffolding eliminates the need to erect scaffold over the entire building facade as well as expedites the movement and distribution of materials for the facade construction. The mobile scaffold is intended to expedite access, and improve the ability of manpower to access the exterior facade of the structure. One specific objection to this type of scaffold, is that the space below the scaffold is wide open and clear to the ground. Workers have a tendency to feel more apprehensive at the heights involved with construction of the facade due to this openness. The use of mobile scaffolding must be coordinated with the total facade construction. In most cases, the mobile scaffolding is not available over the entire facade, therefore the coordination and communication with other trades must be managed to accommodate the location of the scaffold.