Mixing valve

What is Mixing valve

Definition of Mixing valve in Construction

The term mixing valve is used for any type of plumbing or industrial piece of equipment, or fixture that mixes, in most cases, hot and cold water. In an industrial or manufacturing context, a mixing valve could be any fixture or apparatus that mixes any type of liquid or product. The term mixing, means the literal interpretation of combining different products, in almost all cases, these products are liquids. In residential construction, there are mixing valves that combine hot and cold water at the sinks, the showers, the tubs, or any plumbing fixture that requires a combination of hot and cold water to mix, and produce a temperate liquid. There are also mixing valves that are used as safety devices, to ensure that the water being used by the consumer is not too hot or too cold. OSHA ( Occupational Safety and Health Administration ) has determined the proper temperatures for kitchen sinks, restaurant dish washers, etc. In some cases, a mixing valve could have a mechanism that will route the water in the correct direction, such as the shower head as opposed to the tub nozzle.