Miscellaneous Metal

What is Miscellaneous Metal?

Definition of Miscellaneous Metal in Construction
The term used for all types of metal material on the jobsite.

In comparison to structural steel, the term miscellaneous metal refers to railings, inserts, relieving angles, small supporting structures, sill angles, miscellaneous support metal for mechanical and electrical work, etc. Any metal product that exists on the project, that is not part of the structural steel package. The proper scheduling of miscellaneous metal is important to the overall success of the project. In many cases, a piece of miscellaneous metal could be involved with the placement of concrete, the framing of the structure, embedment within a masonry assembly, etc.

If the miscellaneous metal item is required to allow the continuation of the activity, this item becomes a part of the critical path of this activity. Miscellaneous metal items are extremely important to the proper scheduling of the project. The procurement schedule must incorporate all the miscellaneous metal items required within the job. In some instances, the miscellaneous metal components may need to be galvanized, therefore the schedule must include the time required to send the steel to the galvanizer. Miscellaneous metal is an important element on the construction project and is the reason, some contractors, manufacture and install their own miscellaneous metal.