What is Millings?

Definition of Millings in Construction

The reclamation of asphalt by a mill machine results in what are called millings.

The use of millings by contractors is widespread due to the inherent makeup of the millings. A mill machine is basically a grinder that is used to remove inches of existing asphalt from a highway or parking lot. This milling is performed to allow the installation of a new paving layer over an existing established paved area. Milling has become extremely popular, as the highways have deteriorated to such an extent that simply patching is not successful. Millings, due to their makeup of asphalt, gravel, sand make excellent temporary parking areas, good sub fill material for new parking or highway asphalt, etc. The quantity of millings available is totally dependent upon the number of asphalted areas being reclaimed. If a contractor has a large quantity of repairs and reclamation, then that paving or site-work contractor has a substantial quantity of millings available for resale. Millings are also seasonal. During the spring and summer to early fall, the stockpiles of available millings are normally quite large, however, these quantities become depleted in the winter and early spring. Scheduling of the use of millings, must be determined by the millings available, and only experienced and knowledgeable contractors will manage this properly. In many larger construction projects, the removal of existing asphalt, and the milling of this asphalt, is scheduled and managed to accommodate the construction of temporary worker parking as well as temporary roadways and access roads along the project.