Mechanical Means

What is Mechanical Means?

Definition of Mechanical Means in Construction

The term mechanical means, when used to reference surface preparation, refers to the use of mechanical methods such as hand scrapping, grinding or even sand blasting, to provide a clean and bondable surface for a top coat of fire proofing, paint, or other architectural product.

The term is normally referenced in comparison to chemical means, etching, or the application of a bond sealer. In most instances the need to prepare a surface using mechanical means will be more costly and time consuming than other means of surface preparation. Manufacturers have motivated research and development departments to create products that will provide the necessary bond interaction with what is called bond sealers. This motivation is based upon cost, due to the fact that mechanical means requires substantial manpower to produce the desired effect on the surface. A bond sealer, simply applied with roller, spray or brush is more economical and time efficient.