Mechanical Engineer

What is Mechanical Engineer

Definition of Mechanical Engineer in Construction

A mechanical engineer is the engineering discipline that is responsible for all of the plumbing, heating and air conditioning requirements on a project. The mechanical engineer is an important part of the design team for any construction project. The mechanical engineer is normally contracted by the architect on the project, and is involved with the creation, design and execution of the project. The mechanical engineer is the licensed professional that will size the entire storm, sanitary, hot and cold water systems within the project as well as be responsible for the selection of the mechanical systems for the project such as the boilers, the air handlers, the hot water heaters, etc. It will be the responsibility of the mechanical engineer to properly specify the mechanical systems, review all of the mechanical submittals and ensure that all of the project mechanical specifications and documentation has been properly and professionally supplied and installed on the project. The mechanical engineers positon on the project is extremely important to the success of the entire project. With the advent of new and more energy efficient systems and procedures, the mechanical engineer must be cognizant of all current codes, designs and developments of the discipline. In addition, the mechanical engineer must be current, regarding the design and the installation of new developments regarding new contemporary mechanical systems such as variable flow, geothermal, specialized energy economizers, etc.