Master Key System

What is a Master Key System?

Definition of Master Key System in Construction
The master key system is a management and security system for keyed cylindrical locksets. Normally found in commercial structures as well as schools and hospitals, this system allows for tiered security. Tiered security is the ability to have a general master key that operates all locksets throughout the structure. Under this master key system, there are various levels, starting with the sub-master key that will allow the opening of fewer doors. Under this sub – master are individual keys that allow the operation of less and less of the total number of doors. The principle reason for this tiered system of keying is to enable certain individuals to have varying levels of authority regarding the operation of doors and locksets. For example, the primary maintenance director may have the master key that allows the operation of all locks. Each individual foreman will have sub masters that will operate only those locks that enter rooms or areas that they have responsibility for. Each worker under the individual foreman may have even more limited keys that operate only small amounts of locks for individual rooms that they may need to access. This Master key system is a programmable system and allows any level of security access.