Manufacturer’s Startup

What is Manufacturer’s Startup?

Definition of Manufacturer’s Startup in Construction
If a manufacturer’s representative starts the equipment on the project for the first time, this is called a manufacturers startup.

This normally occurs with more sophisticated mechanical equipment, such as boilers, hot water heaters, etc. Manufacturers may insist on their presence if the equipment could be damaged or the warranty voided, if the startup is not precisely in accordance with the manufacturers requirements.

In addition to mechanical equipment, there are several electrical items such as emergency generators, heavy duty switchgear, etc. that fall under the manufacturer startup requirements. The requirement for a manufacturer’s startup is normally identified within the specifications or special instructions on the project. The degree of difficulty in the startup is a deciding factor in the requirement that the manufacturer be present upon startup. During this startup it is usually a good idea to have the maintenance staff of the project in attendance to witness the procedures taken. The owner, architect and engineers should be knowledgeable of which pieces of equipment should be recommended to have a manufacturer’s startup.