Long lead items

What is Long lead items?

Definition of Long lead items in Construction
Identification of construction components that will require a long time to obtain. In many cases the long lead items will require the approval of shop drawings, or formal submittal approval, prior to ordering. These requirements cause further delay, and stop the actual ordering of the products. The notification to all parties that certain elements, products, components, etc. on a construction project are long lead is never too early. Experience and detail is necessary to identify all the long lead items. Unfortunately, it usually takes an issue on a previous project to provide the experience and interest in establishing the long lead items. There are instances where the light fixtures are not physically present on the project and temporary light fixtures must be installed to allow a certificate of occupancy to be obtained. Certain elements, such as ceiling diffusers, are always long lead, and the more experienced the contractor the earlier these issues will be identified to allow all parties to expedite the approvals and subsequent ordering of long lead items. The lack of specific items that are required to allow the construction to continue is a tremendous problem on construction projects. The proper management of a procurement schedule ( purchasing ) is essential to the success of maintaining the flow of work.