What is a Lockset?

Definition of Lockset in Construction
Locking mechanism used on doors or windows. A lockset will include the locking mechanism, as well as the keys to operate the lock if it is a keyed assembly . This reference is opposite to a simple latch or passage set, which is a simple mechanism that includes a strike and bolt, that can be operated by a knob , lever or button, without the means of locking the mechanism. Locksets are normally used for privacy or security purposes. Locksets are available in several different varieties and designs depending upon the application and the use. The term lockset has no relationship to the ability of the lock. In other words if the lockset is used in an interior room to stop simple access, the mechanism can be extremely light weight and non obtrusive, if the lockset is for the primary exterior door of a Wall Street office, the lockset will be a heavy and secure assembly of brass and stainless steel. There term lockset, merely represents the ability to lock the activation of the bolt into the strike of the assembly.